Everything starts with a dream

Say Makeover, Not Game Over 

After a long while, once cutting-edge home interiors become outdated. Time also takes its toll on formerly impressive office, retail, and work areas to make them look dull and uninspiring.

When this happens, property value diminishes. It is time for a much-needed makeover. Call in the building pros at APrenovation in Toronto, Ontario and bring back the wow! 

Renovate to Elevate, Finish With Finesse 

We come from a family that has been in the remodelling business for more than 5 years. Initially established in Montreal, we branched out into Toronto 2 years ago offering residential and commercial property interior renovation and finishing services.

In every project we undertake, expect us to bring our experience, expertise, and creativity to the table. We reimagine and bring interiors to the next level.

Builders With a Mission 

Committed to realizing your dream and vision, we work in a well-organized manner. We make sure that all aspects of the build are planned for, executed, and completed on time by trained professionals.

Renovating properties need not be stressful for clients and builders. As conscientious contractors, we confidently take on projects with this always in mind.

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